Optative sentences



What is an Optative Sentence?
Sentences which express an ardent wish, prayer, curse etc., are called optative sentences.

  • May you live long!
  • May God help you!
  • May you live a long and happy life together!
  • God save you!
  • Peace be upon him!




  • Optative sentences are followed by the sign of exclamation (!).
  • Note that in exclamatory sentences, sometimes, the interjection alone is followed by the exclamatory mark. 
  • Optative sentences formed with May are found mainly in a very formal way. 
  • Optative sentences like God save you! uses a special form of the verb in which there is no –s ending. "God save… (not God saves…)"
  • Similarly, we have Peace be upon him rather than Peace is upon him.



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