a) Definition:

                       Interrogate = to ask question


b) Kinds of Interrogative Sentences:

     There are four kinds of Interrogative Sentences. They are as follows:

     (a) Verbal Questions

     (b) Wh-Questions

     (c) Question Tags

     (d) Rhetorical Questions


       (a) Verbal Question: It begins with an auxiliary verb like 'is' /

                                       'am' / 'are' / 'was' / 'were' / 'do' / 'does' /

                                        'did' / 'have' / 'has' / 'had' / 'will' /

                                        'would' / 'shall' / 'should' / 'can' / 'could' /

                                        'may' / 'might'.




            1. Is he ok today?

            2. Have you submitted the report?

            3. Will you come with me to the party?

            4. Can I have it?

            5. May we go home?


Note: There are two kinds of auxiliary verbs Primary Auxiliary Verbs and Modal Auxiliary Verbs. Few of the Modal Auxiliary Verbs are not used while making the Verbal Questions.


      (b) Wh-Question: It begins with 'Wh' words like 'What' / 'Which' /

                                   'Who' / 'Whose' / 'Whom' / 'When' / 'Where' /

                                   'How' / 'Why' .



            1. What is your name?

            2. Which book have you read recently?

            3. Whom you invited on dinner?

            4. How can one come in such whether?

            5. Why do you want to go there?


Note: While making the Wh-Questions we make the use of Pro-nouns (Who/Whom/Whose), Adjectives (What/Which), Adverbs (How/When/Where), and Conjunction (Why).



     *We would study Question Tags and Rhetorical Questions in next topics.    



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