Adjectives used to describe a person

  • Age: old, young, elderly, middle-aged, a teenager, twenty, twentish, about twenty, in her early 30s, in her mid 30s, in his late 40s
  • Height: tall, short, of medium height
  • Build: fat, thin, well-built, slim, of medium build
  • Look: good-looking, pretty, beautiful (women only), handsome (men only), plain, ugly
  • Nature: kind, humble, arogant, selfish, co-operative
  • Behaviour: good, friendly, decent, cruel


Adjectives used to describe a place

         old, ancient, historic, noisy, boring, cold, hot, polluted, dirty, clean, expensive


Adjectives used to describe a picture

         majestic, beautiful, intriguing, different, overwhelming, eye catching, animated, thoughtless, awesome

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