Gurukul Vocabulary

What is Vocabulary?

Vocabulary is the group of words that a person or group of people knows how to use. Your vocabulary is all the words you know and use regularly.


Vocabulary is vital to communicating with others and understanding what one is reading. I know that information is known to everyone, but acknowledging it instead of taking it for granted adds important goals to your child's list of basic skills to master.


If your child is struggling with reading comprehension, then add more concentration of studying words in context. Encourage your children to look up words that they do not understand. Each of my children had their own small dictionary and thesaurus.

Vocabulary is the study of:

  • The meanings of words
    Many words have several different meanings each, study the meanings of the words and the part of speech.
  • How the words are used
    Study the words in context, apply what you learn by writing sentences with your words.
  • Root words, prefixes, suffixes
    Studying these will aid in the study of vocabulary.
  • Analogies
    This is comparing two pairs of words and choosing the pair that go together.