The Sentences


What is a sentence?

Sentence is a group of words arranged in proper order to make the sense, is called as a sentence. Sentence is used to express our feelings, thought or emotions.

Let us understand properly,

    Sentences =             sense                +         Tense

             means ->    meanings              +     Time / Period         

            we use ->    Parts of speech     +     Auxiliary Verbs   

When the Parts of speech and Auxiliary verbs are arranged in proper order in a sentence (structure) we get a sentence.


How many kinds of sentences are their in English?

There are three kinds of sentences. They are

(1) Simple Sentences

(2) Compound Sentences

(3) Complex Sentences.


Exercise: Arrange the words in proper oder to make the meaningful sentence

1) idea he an had.

2) have doubts some you.

3) found he something.

4) it we get shall not.

5) police she the has informed.


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