Employee Payroll System

Payroll System

Payroll Application has been designed to for the purpose of maintaining details of various allowances and deductions that need to be given to the employees of the organization. Also, it generates the salary Sheet of the employees of the organization that assists the accounts department in many ways

Main Objectives

There are multiple objectives behind the designing and implementation of the Module:

  • To prepare the detailed salary record of all the employees in an organization
  • To generate Pay-In-Slip through the calculation of salary
  • Proper usage of manpower
  • To maintain Allowances, Deductions, Loans, Savings and Arrears details for the employees
  • To generate reports  in user-defined formats


  • To generate various important reports that provides valuable information to the top-level management

Main Features

The Salary Sheet generated by the payroll system helps the accounts department in distribution of monthly salaries to the employees in the organization. The Payroll Application System provides the following features to its users:

  • Maintains records of the various components of salary
  • Categories the salary components on the basis of allowances/deductions
  • Generates Salary Sheet and Salary Slip of all employees
  • Generates various important reports reducing paperwork in the organization
  • Generation of reports in desired formats
  • Export of reports in various formats such as RTF, Word Document, etc.
  • Menu-Driven Programs with user friendly interface
  • Emailing of generated reports from the application itself.

Inputs To The Package

All the Details of the company, departments, and designation are appended using the package. The Allowance/ deduction form is the form, which helps in generation of the pay slip.

  • Company
  • Sub-Department
  • Designation
  • Employee Type
  • Profile
  • Basic
  • Allowance/Deduction Master
  • Provident Fund
  • Provident Opening Account
  • Provident Number

Outputs from the Package (Reports)

  • Salary Sheet
  • Pay Slip

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