Communication Skill

Talking is very easy, but communication, that means an exchange or communion with the other person, requires the greater skill. An exchange which is the communion demands on the way we listen and do speak skillfully, and just not talk mindlessly. Interacting with the fearful, angry, or the frustrated people will be even more difficult, because we are less skillful when we are caught up in such kind of emotions. Do not despair or resign yourself to the lifetime of miscommunication at the work or at home! Good communicators can hone as well as born. Here are few of the tips to get you started.



This will remind us how difficult it is to communicate effectively in any of the organization. The problem is not that we have got the bad people; the problem is that we have got the poor systems. This guide will teach how to overcome the communication barriers and also hone the communication skills.



The Communication is the skill and like any other skills it also requires the practice. It is improved through practice which differentiates the skill from other forms of the knowledge. Understanding a theory of the communication and the effective presentation will not make you brilliant communicator or the presenter but should make you aware of how to maximize an impact of the presentations.



Most important thing to remember is a message which you intend to communicate is most likely to be misunderstood by the listeners. Therefore, in addition to the carefully preparing and presenting the message, stay alert for any of the signs which your audience is misinterpreting it. It is up to you, a presenter, to continually check if your message has been received, understood, interpreted correctly and is filed in the receivers mind.