Report Writing


 A Report Writing is a factual description or account of an event or investigation of an incident or a problem. It may also be an objective analysis or evaluation of something. Depending upon its nature, a report can be a single paragraph or a single page or hundreds pages. Thus we have various forms of reports-newspaper reports, inquiry reports, progress or action taken report, a police report (FIR), a report of a meeting, archaeological survey report, annual report of department, etc. each having a distinct character and format.

According to the subject matter different reports have different essential elements in it like an accidental report should include:-


  • What happened at the spot of the accident
  • Where it happened
  • When it happened
  • How it all occurred
  • People, vehicles involved in the accident
  • Loss of life and property if any substantial
  • Details of rescue and relief operations presently going on.
  • The scene of the accident
  • Details of casualties- dead, injured, hospitalized with clear figures.
  • Reference to orders of inquiry by the govt. (*if necessary)
  • Grants to the families of the killed and the injured (*if necessary)
  • Punch - a warning, a reminder, a comment on the negligence of the guilty, including govt. department or a recommendation on what needs to be done. (*if necessary)


Whereas a report of some event/function held somewhere should contain:-


  • Name and Nature of the event held.
  • Occasion/purpose of the event.
  • Date, time & place where the event held.
  • Chief Guest(s) of the function
  • Inauguration
  • Chief Guest’s message
  • Comprehensive details of the event


Some basic point to be taken care of while writing an informative report are:-


  • A report should be written in a practical and professional manner presenting the necessary information as clearly as possible.
  • An effective report is easy to follow and very well structured beginning with a heading and running into several small paragraphs. Each paragraph dealing with only one aspect of the subject. The heading should be very clear and factual.
  • The purpose of the report and how the information for it was collected should be mentioned in the beginning.
  • Round off with a summary of the situation, a conclusion or a recommendation, appeal or warning, as is appropriate.