Calligraphy means"beautiful writing." Calligraphy can be both a delight to the eye and an inspiration to the spirit. In our technological age, the appreciation for the art of calligraphy has grown incredibly. Calligraphy is a fun hobby, a great business, and a creative art. Calligraphy comes from the greek words, “Kallos” and “graphos” which means beautiful writing.

Calligraphy is an art form in which patience and attention to detail are more important than artistic talent. That means you don't have to be an "artist" to be good at calligraphy! It is one of the most enjoyable skills that a person can acquire. In short, calligraphy is really FUN!



Advantages of Calligraphy Programme

  • Handwriting becomes more legible.
  • Helps to improve the concentration of the children.
  • Helps creating various artistic styles for project report, greeting cards etc.,



  • 3 Months : weekly one class of two hours  

                          (or) two classes of 1 hour each.

  • 15 days   : one hour daily.




Calligraphy Programs For Students ( 8yrs to 18yrs):

  • Different types of Calligraphy
  • Calligraphy Cursive writing
  • General rules for improving stylish handwriting
  • Different Modes of Practice