Describing somebody or something


Adjectives are used to describe person, place, things, vegtables and more. We are taught adjective as a part of grammar and not as vocabulary so, we thing very less about vocabulary. But at speaking front we rather need vocabulary then grammatical rules. We tried to give some adjectives related to some topics. Few are given to the left, if you want some more from the given table. Simply you have to write us by sending the request through the given form.

Actor & Actress Car House Book
Feelings Teachers Forest Height & Bady Shape
Journey Clothes Music Musical Instruments
Shops & Products Food Taste Situations Illness / Dieases
Personal Qualities Beach Behaviour Weather
Accident Place City Classroom
Colours Competition Fruits Vegetables
People Desert Flowers Garden
Journey Picture School Friend
Natural Sight Holiday Pain Performance
Plans & Preparation Smell Events Voice
Speech Summer Teacher Hair
Belief & Ideas Tree Wind Wine
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