QUESTIONS FOR 'FIRST STUDENT'  (Do not show these to Second student)


  • What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘adventure’?
  • Do you like adventure?
  • In what way is learning English an adventure for you?
  • Who would you like to have a big adventure with?
  • Do you think your idea of adventure is the same as your parents’ ideas and your grandparents’ ideas?
  • Does there have to be an element of danger in an adventure?
  • Do you think animals like adventures?
  • What adventures would you like to go on in the future?
  • Do you ever have online adventures?
  • Do you like adventure movies?


QUESTIONS FOR 'SECOND STUDENT'  (Do not show these to First student)


  • Are you an adventurous person?
  • Is life a good adventure?
  • Is adventure important in your life? Why?
  • What’s the biggest adventure you’ve had in your life?
  • What was your most unforgettable childhood adventure?
  • Is your country famous for adventurers?
  • Which of these things would you like on an adventure: danger, romance, speed, travel, discovery, prizes?
  • What are your favourite fantasy / adventure video games?
  • Where would you like to go for an adventure – a jungle, a desert, a small island or a city?
  • Are men or women more adventurous?