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Questions of Discussions


What is discussion?

Discussion means talking about something with other people in order to reach some kind of decision. Discussions do not have to happen in person, they can happen over the telephone.


Types of discussion

There are a variety of different types of discussions that occur naturally and which we can recreate in the classroom. These include discussions where the participants have to:

  • Make decisions (e.g. decide who to invite to a party and where to seat them)
  • Give and / or share their opinions on a given topic (e.g. discussing beliefs about the effectiveness of capital punishment)
  • Create something (e.g. plan and make a poster as a medium for feedback on a language course)
  • Solve a problem (e.g. discussing the situations behind a series of logic problems)


Some discussion topics may fall into more than one of these categories, but it is useful to consider a variety of formats to which the students can apply the skills they are learning.


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